A little about El Salvador.

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El Salvador


Once known as the coffee republic, El Salvador's bustling colonial cities boast stunning cathedrals, pleasant parks, and a multitude of museums embracing its rich history. You can also glimpse wildlife at the national parks, climb a grumbling volcano or spend an afternoon on one of the many beautiful beaches.

Its capital city of San Salvador boasts central landmarks like the domed Cathedral Metropolitana. Nearby, the red-velvet opulence of the TeatroNacional dates from 1917. Its sensuous ceiling mural is continued into the nearby Teatro Cafe. The city has two markets: the Mercado Ex-Cuartel for handicrafts, handwoven textiles and ceramics, and the Mercado Central for daily needs. Don’t miss the Museo Nacional David J. Guzman, which holds most of the country’s notable archaeological finds, and the Jardin Botanico La Laguna, an attractive garden built on what was once a swamp at the bottom of a volcanic crater.

  • - Population: 6.9 million
  • - Languages: Spanish, English
  • - Currency: U.S. dollar
  • - Electrical voltage: 115V/60Hz
  • - Seasonal temps: January 68‹F/20‹C;
  • July 82‹F/28‹C
  • MiltAir Aviation
  • Ilopango International Airport


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